Ro'Vin Garrett is Endorsed By Voters and Leaders You Trust!

Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta
Brazoria County Commissioner Dude Payne
Brazoria County Constable David Thacker
Freeport Council Member Roy Yates
Former Brazoria County Treasurer Sharon Reynolds
Former Brazoria County Commissioner Larry Stanley

Former Brazoria County Constable Fred Kanter
Danbury Council Member Bill Turnipseed
Jones Creek Marshal William Tidwell
Former Freeport Council Member Ed Garcia
Former Brazoria County Judge John Damon
Freddie Brown, Garrett Campaign Treasurer

and Many, Many Individuals Throughout the District!

“Ro’Vin is one of the most well-respected public servants we have in this region. Voters have agreed and sent her back to work for them five times. Ro’Vin is committed to the best interests of House District 25 residents. I believe her. It’s that trust that she carries with her in this race. It’s that experience she has shown time and again that will win for the taxpayer. It’s that servant’s heart she will take with her to Austin to represent the will of her voters. I will be voting for Ro’Vin Garrett and ask voters to join me in electing Ro’Vin as the next State Representative from House District 25.”

Commissioner Dude Payne

“I am proud to announce my endorsement of Ro’Vin Garrett for State Representative. We have enjoyed a great economy which has pushed appraised values upwards over the past 5 years. I have relied on and trusted Ro’Vin Garrett’s advice over the years. Ro’Vin is the only candidate in her race that understands that simply lowering a jurisdiction’s tax rate ISN’T a tax decrease. Having the courage to lower it far enough to keep it at or below the No New Revenue Rate is key to lessening the impact on homeowners. With her advice, Brazoria County has lowered the tax rate 17% (8.33 cents) over the past five years. In Freeport, Troy Brimage has voted to increase taxes 5.89% (2017) and 10.72% (2018). In Angleton, Cody Vasut voted to increase taxes 6.06% (2016), 3.84% (2018) and 2.99% (2019). “

Matt Sebesta, Brazoria County Judge

“I’ve known Ro’Vin a long time. She has a tremendous amount of experience. I served on the Port Commission for 18 years and am currently serving as the Drainage Director for the West Brazoria Drainage District in Brazoria County. I’ve had a lot of dealings in the public sector. Ro’Vin’s experience is exactly what we need right now to represent us in Austin. Texas has just made the biggest reforms in the property tax code in 40 years. Through her extensive work in the tax office and as Brazoria County Tax Assessor-Collector, Ro’Vin is an expert on the property tax code. She has won awards for the work in her field of expertise. We have the opportunity to send a trusted expert to represent us in Austin and make the laws more effective for taxpayers. Ro’Vin Garrett is our candidate for State Representative. Ro’Vin is the right candidate at the right time. She has earned my trust and my vote for State Representative in House District 25.”

John Richers, Drainage Director & Former Port Commissioner

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